30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 24), Year B
All Saints Day

Autumn: A Season of Letting Go

Note from Pastor Heather:  Ann Ivester wrote the following meditation for last night's Eventide Service.  I thought it was so beautiful that I ask Ann's permission to post it here on our blog:

The season of autumn is a natural metaphor for letting go.  The cooler temperatures and the shorter days somehow signal to the trees that it is time to shed the chlorophyll that has kept the leaves a vibrant green through the summer.  In this ebbing away of the green veil, the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows are slowly revealed.  Then ever so gradually the trees release the leaves, one by one, allowing them to fall to the ground and become the protection through the cold winter and ultimately the enriching soil for next year’s growth.

I often think of “letting go” in my own life as a diminishment rather than an enrichment.  Yet this metaphor of the trees encourages me to look deeper into the process of letting go.  Are there ways in which it is also enriching in my life? 

The best example I can think of is how it works with our children.  When they are learning to walk, it is in letting them fall down that they gain confidence in their abilities.  When they are young adults and we fling open our arms and bless them as they go out into the world, it is then that they can find their own strength and confidence.  Are we diminished by this “letting go”?  Of course, there is an aching in our heart, especially when our children no longer need us as they once did.  At the same time, we are enriched by seeing them blossom into who they are and knowing that this too is a gift to us.  

It seems that it is much more difficult to see how the letting go in death is somehow also enrichment.  How can this be?  I don’t really know.  Yet I believe that somehow, buried deep, there is a gift even in this most difficult of times.  Clearly there is a gift in the blessing of the person whose life is now complete.  There is a blessing in how this loved one touched our lives.  There is blessing in our memories.  There is blessing in the richness that love gives to our lives without which there would be no deep sorrow. 

Perhaps it is the fear of pain that we need to “let go” of rather than the person.  For it is in letting go of the fear of the aching pain of loss that our capacity to love can shine forth.  If we loosen our grasp on our protective armor of fear, we can free ourselves to experience deep love in our lives—opening us up to the possibility of love in our relationships and the enrichment that love brings to our very being.  

I invite you to consider the ways you are in the process of “letting go” in your life.  Are there blessings in this “letting go”?  


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This is good post and Autumn is my favorite season.Yes of course because of the weather I like this season..Thank you very much for sharing this post with us.

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