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Last year at this time, news of a botched election and inter-tribal violence in Kenya would have been just another sad headline for me. Now, after meeting a number of Kenya church leaders at the Amahoro-Africa gathering I attended in Uganda this past May, this is news that has a human face for me. But Edward Simiyu, one of the Kenyan pastors I met, has given me a reason to do more than worry. He's given me a chance to hope that this conflict might not devolve into the Rwandan-style worse-case-scenarios that some have predicted. I'll attach his most recent email below, and I hope you'll consider writing to him some words of support.

Dear Amahoro Friends,

The last week has been filled with tragedy, confusion, chaos, anger, and disappointment for people across Kenya. Tens of thousands have been displaced, hundreds have lost their lives, and millions have been affected in innumerable ways. The rapid descent into chaos has shocked Kenya to the core. Seeing widespread ethic killings and the ghosts of the Rwandan genocide occurring within the Kenyan boarders is not something that we had ever dreamed possible.

We know many of you have been closely following the story in the media if you have not been living it here inside Kenya's borders. Thankfully, both of us and our families are safe. We want to thank all of you have sent words of encouragement and expressions of concern in this difficult time. Unfortunately, many people were not as lucky.

We believe that it is times like these that people across Kenya need to know that they are loved by others outside of their ethnic groups. They need to be reminded that the love of Jesus knows no boundaries.

What we would like to propose is that a caravan of vehicles drive from Nairobi to Eldoret, which has seen some of the most extreme violence and division, to deliver crucial aid of food stuffs, blankets, clothes and medicine. On the trip, we plan to stop and spend time with youth manning checkpoints on the roads who are looking for people of the opposing ethnic groups on which to take revenge. We would like to remind these youths that they are loved and that there are better ways to respond to this crisis. The two of us have committed to each driving a vehicle for the 5-7 day trip.

To have the greatest impact for people in Eldoret, we need your help. We are looking for:
People willing to make the trip with us or join/support us along the way
4WD vehicles (preferably White Land Cruisers that are known to be used in humanitarian aid responses)
We believe that this activity is just the sort of practical intervention that the church should be making at this crucial time and very much along the lines of our discussions at the last Amahoro gathering.

If you have any of those items that you would like to contribute to this mission, please contact either of us as soon as possible.

Your brothers in Christ,

Edward Simiyu (mwenduti@yahoo.com) & Aaron Sundsmo (asundsmo@gmail.com)


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just to clarify...
Kibera Transformation and Development Program (KTDP) is initiated, owned, operated and sponsored by the Norwegian christian NGO Afrikasbarn - Children of Africa.

Sms: +47 97685599

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