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Amazing Grace Coffeehouse

I recently attended the Amazing Grace Coffeehouse at KC.  It was an inspiring fun-filled evening.  I only planned to stay for a couple of songs in the 2nd set but the the music was so wonderful I could not leave. 

The worship space was filled with the wonderful holy energy of people who are excited about their faith and how their faith blesses their life.  For me the experience was a praise worship service because the artists were mostly performing songs they had written and before the song they often gave a mini-sharing about what was going on in their life that inspired the song and how God helped them through.  There was a lot of sharing about the value of having a strong relationship with God.  Some places would call the mini-sharing's a
"personal testimony".  The sharing's were not done in a preachy way.  They were genuine and heartfelt.

There is now a web site for the Coffeehouse. The web site says:  Each of us have a life story ... and we welcome you into ours  AND I truly felt welcomed!

All the music was great.  The song that most impacted me tonight was called "A Day Like No Other".  The song was inspired by a nursing home ministry of the artists father. There was a lady who lived at the nursing home who used to stand up every time and hold her hands up over her head and say:  "Praise the Lord, this is a day I have never seen before".  Because of this song the blessing of this nursing home resident now flows through the artist who wrote the song and into my life.  The artist was Richard Walton.  The song was by  "Straight on Red".   The group consisted of a guitar, a violin and a conga player who also played the rain stick and a really neat sounding set of double chimes.  I did not know a person could make such a great variety of sound come forth from conga drums.

The other song that always inspires me is the LaRocca song called "Dream Giver".   You can link to the web site for the Coffeehouse and hear these songs.

My thanks to Tracy Wade, Neal Buck and Rick LaRocca of the EXPRESSIONS Care Group for creating this event!

Next month the guest artists will be Denise Dovel, she will be appear with her husband, comedian Andy Dovel.


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Tracy Wade

Thank you for your enthusiastic plug for our coffeehouse. I was hoping that someone would see how wonderful it is and would let everyone know - and YOU DID!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I was feeling very low before the show that evening. I had a lot of trouble with one of the coffeepots and messed up a whole pot, then the weather was bad and the Messiah thing was going on and I knew a lot of people where going to that.
The show itself and the people there greatly helped my spirits and seeing you enjoy yourself and stay to the end was a big part of my improved attitude that evening. I kept looking over to where you were sitting, expecting to see that you had gone, but each time I looked, you were still there.

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