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I've just returned from another precious visit with Marie who is back at home and doing pretty well. She and I talked a bit about Martha and Mary, and about how being able to receive is not always easy to do. She talked so beautifully of the impact that receiving so much love and care over the past six months has had on her, spiritually. Here's a quote, as close to verbatim as I can remember:

"People have commented to me about how I must have prayed quite a bit during all my recent ordeals. But the truth is, I often didn't even feel able to pray. I felt Jesus close by me, but I didn't even have it in me to reach out to him, or to talk to him. But I was constantly aware of receiving prayer--of being prayed for. It was like the whole process of praying was reversed for me. Instead of offering it, saying it, doing it, I felt like all my pores were open and every inch of my body drunk in the prayers of all of you. It was all part of learning to receive."

Wow. I feel like I just spent an hour at the foot of the master. I wish Marie could preach this Sunday instead of me!


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