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How to Catch the Wind of the Spirit

Some amazing things are happening at KC right now, and I haven't quite figured out how to make room for all of it to come to the surface during worship. About a month ago, we had a two-hour-long worship service (due to a variety of factors--not just a long sermon!) but I know we can't do that every week, at least not without some discussion. And a bathroom break!

So this week, we encountered another amazing invitation in scripture to go out into the world with an open heart, ready and willing to receive...what? Food? Hospitality? Surely that couldn't be all that Jesus thought the 70 would receive. I think their mission was also a spiritual practice--the more open we are to the gifts of other people, the more open we can become to the Holy Spirit, who then works through us to reach into the lives of others.

Then, we passed out pieces of paper and suggested that people write down what they want to "offer" to God, and we collected the papers along with the financial offerings. After worship, I collected all the written offerings, brought them up to my office, and later in the afternoon I read them. I hadn't told anyone I would do this, so I hope it wasn't a violation of anyone's privacy (these statements were addressed to God, after all, and not me, and I'm quite clear on the difference).

What an amazing set of responses we wrote today! I was stunned by the power of our promises--to be open and receptive to the gifts that we might receive from strangers, from family members, from those with whom we disagree. Many people wrote of praying for the Holy Spirit's guidance in EVERY encounter they are to have this week. And a number noted that they wanted to listen for the deeper meaning behind people's words, and find opportunities to inquire further, to find entry points for deeper conversation.

One response would be a wonderful mission statement for the week: Share myself with joyful expectation.

Thank you, Jesus, for making us bold enough to respond to your call, not just with our words, but with our whole joyful, expectant selves.


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