Let's Get This Party Started!


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Neal H Buck

A great start! I like the design. I think I'll add a link to my church's website ;-)

Tom Timer

testing of the KC website



I am at the final frontier. I have reviewed the current edition of the KC website.

I sent the Neal (the developer) all my comments about the current web site. In general my comments were minor.

I tested from a dialup access and high speed access. On dial-up, as you might expect, the graphics on the initial page are slow loading. Also there is a minor overlap on the initial page near the top of the page on the left between the script and the graphic. Neal is aware of my testing results.

Problems encountered related to the blog:

How to remove/edit comments on the blog page?

Confusion/difficulty in getting a typekey account. Went round and round with this till...I got registered and access was granted.

Will seek your advice next time I see you.

Tom Timer

Email: tomtimer5429@yahoo.com
Home: (410)997-7890

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